Sleeping Time feat. Spoiled Boyfriend (Oneshot)

Sleeping Time feat. Spoiled Boyfriend (Oneshot)
Chanyeol / Baekhyun
fluff & cheesy & gross & ew (sorry, otp ;-;)
Summary: Chanyeol was sleep deprived but he refused to sleep first, instead he plays guitar and retarding around with other members. Baekhyun being the kind and frustrated boyfriend he is, didn't like that idea.

Sleeping TimeCollapse )

SMA 2014 (Red Eye B, KrisBaek Affair, and of course bittersweet CB)

okay lemme laugh first.


although i did not amused at all by baekhyun's appearance tonight, i should say there are few things that actually amusing that is so waste if i didn't post it here.

first, i was quite shock with the red eye B. oh hell it might be looks good on hq but it still didnt amuse me :|

secondly, duh, byun. your face also showed unamused feeling like i mean what is wrong with you??!!!1?1!

(his make up tonight wow just wow)

(he doesn't even want to smile?)

and so he sought comfort from kris-hyung *insert evil laugh here*

but he got revenge from zi tao :C

B is lost. so he got sad and gloom again. but in the end, C always stand by him :-)

and by the way EXO won the Daesang Award. wow. they are really amazing. eventhough im glad and proud but i dont think im amused? lol sorry. but idk. maybe im just not a real fans from the start. i just want to EXO to be a great and proud and humble and simple idol. they are, right now so i feel satisfied. that it is.

so tonight went well, i guess. except the grey aura behind B, as grey as his new hair lol (i dont like the colour on him).

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